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Proper oral prophylaxis is the foundation for strong and healthy teeth. Her hygienization is the basic form – a treatment that is underestimated by many people and even unknown. No a standard way of washing at home is always enough. Occlusion defects, addictions, braces permanent or parodontological problems, should lead us to use a professional service in
dental office. It consists of:

– scaling – removal of tartar by ultrasound -> scaler vibrations break the stone dental plaque, resulting from the mineralization of dental plaque, both visible to the naked eye, and subgingival
– sandblasting – removing deposits and discoloration on enamel -> small grains of sand with water under pressure, they remove tartar residues and superficial discoloration
– polishing – polishing teeth -> special brushes and erasers used with paste and water, smooth enamel without affecting its structure
– fluoridation – varnishing with flora -> applying varnish, creams or foams to the cleaned enamel containing fluoride compounds to strengthen teeth and prevent hypersensitivity

oral prophylaxis

A qualified hygienist takes care of this in our office. She makes sure that the procedure is painless and comfortable. Perfectly cleanses and inspects teeth for existing problems. He advises also how to take care of your smile every day and, if necessary, will direct you to the right ones specialists.