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A visit to a dentist in your country is an expenditure up to approx. 70% higher than the costs of the same treatment in Poland. Zili Clinic has the best equipment, and our dentists do not differ in their skills from the doctors who are treating in your country.

Zili Clinic is a new and very comfortable dental offices. Our dentists are top-class specialists who, in addition to vast experience, have the most modern equipment at their disposal. At Zili Clinic we will conduct full diagnostics using:

  • X-ray
  • other things related to diagnostics

We have at our doctors’ disposal:

  • endoscope
  • X-ray

Warsaw is a beautiful city. Why not give yourself a vacation during treatment? It will come out cheaper anyway.

Our employees will help you:

  • in choosing / booking the best flight
  • in choosing / booking a hotel that meets your requirements
  • create a treatment calendar for you