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Maxillofacial surgery deals with surgical treatment of diseases of the oral cavity, facial part of the skull and neck in such areas as: plastic surgery, oncology, traumatology with reconstruction within
soft and hard tissues. It also includes dental surgery and implantology.

dental surgery

Surgical activities limited to the oral cavity are:

Implantology – restoration of missing teeth by the introduction of bone implants, lifting the mucosa of the bottom of the maxillary sinus, so-called “Sinus lift”, controlled bone regeneration – using bone substitute materials and membranes.
Extractions and surgical exposure of teeth, including: retained teeth, third molars.
Surgeons also perform restorative defects in the jaw bone area: hard and soft tissue plastics of the mouth, enucleation of cysts, frenulum plastics, taking samples for histopathological examination.
Preparation and acceleration of so-called orthodontic treatment corticotomy
3D planning before implant surgery and
Assessment and preparation for surgical treatment of malocclusion
cooperation with orthodontists.

In the field of dental surgery, we perform:

  • tooth removal
  • chiselling of permanent tooth
  • milk tooth removal
  • resection
  • hemisection
  • implants
  • raising the bottom of the maxillary sinus by the open and closed methods
  • gum transplant
  • surgical gum correction
  • extension of the clinical crown of the tooth
  • plastic surgery of the appendix
  • undercutting of a frenulum, lip or tongue