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The range of cosmetic dentistry treatments includes several fields of dentistry and technology that we use to get the best results:

  • conservative treatment
  • hygienization – whitening
  • Gingival treatments to ensure the best harmony and gum lines
  • prosthetics
aesthetic dentistry - teeth whitening

In order to meet the needs of patients, we conduct trainings, we regularly appear at trade fairs. We are up to date with materials whose quality must go hand in hand with aesthetics and health. Thanks to this, we can make aesthetic fillings, veneers so that they maintain their original effect for a long time. We are also not afraid to offer whitening to patients, both carried out in the office and at home, using overlays. We understand that the problem in dentistry is not only pain, but also shame, complexes, lack of acceptance. Sometimes a professional hygienist cleans your teeth, other times we perform comprehensive prosthetic treatment using crowns, bridges, inlays and veneers to change the shape, color and alignment of all teeth. Re-positioning the midline or occlusal line, diastema reduction, remodeling the occlusion are activities that are based not only on treatment, but for many patients, above all, restoring a natural and aesthetic smile.