The main task of basic care is the treatment of caries. This procedure consists in removing decayed tooth tissues and inserting a composite material into the cavity or, in the case of deep dental caries, a temporary dressing. Bearing in mind the comfort and inner peace of our patients, all these activities are carried out under anesthesia, fully painless. We use the latest generation of composites with a wide spectrum of colors and proven connection systems, which in combination with the physician’s manual capabilities allow us to offer a high level of aesthetics and functionality of our fillings.
A thorough review, preceded by professional teeth cleaning, allows us to find even small defects that can not be ignored. Caries is a problem that if untreated, with time only gets bigger.
As a consequence of not treating your teeth, you may get diseases such as
– gum disease and periodontitis
– sinus disease
– heart diseases
– peptic ulcer disease
– halitosis, i.e., an unpleasant smell from the mouth
– angina
– joint damage, rheumatism
– excessive load on the kidneys