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The main task of basic care is the treatment of caries. This procedure consists in removing decayed tooth tissues and inserting a composite material into the cavity or, in the case of deep dental caries, a temporary dressing. Bearing in mind the comfort and inner peace of our patients, all these activities are carried out under anesthesia, fully painless.


Proper oral prophylaxis is the foundation for strong and healthy teeth. Its basic form is hygienization—a treatment, underappreciated or even unknown by many people. The standard way of brushing your teeth at home is not always enough.

Aesthetic dentistry

The scope of aesthetic dentistry includes several areas of dentistry and technology that we use to get the best results.


The times when our smile informed everyone about the teeth we have lost have long passed. Today's dentistry allows you to restore missing teeth in a short time and in such a way that no one can distinguish between  the artificial teeth and the original ones.


The implant is a titanium screw, which with oral use is supposed to take over the root function. Depending on the number of missing teeth and the amount of the patient's existing bone, we can implant the necessary number of implants and cement or screw bridges, crowns and even prosthesis onto them.

Radiological diagnostics

We make radiological photographs in digital form – radio-vision-graphic, thanks to which, using the lowest doses of radiation, we obtain photos of the highest diagnostic quality. We have a Kavo X-ray tube at each dental seat.

Dental surgery

In the field of dental surgery, we perform
- tooth removal
- chiseling of a permanent tooth
- removal of milk teeth
- resection
- hemisecting
- implants
- ...


With the aid of the Zeiss Extaro first-class operating microscope, we perform diagnostics and treatment of the smallest details in the root canal system of the teeth.


Periodontics is a study that deals with the treatment of oral mucosa and periodontal disease. Bleeding gums, excessive mobility of teeth, exposing tooth necks are the most common problems we encounter among patients.

Pediatric dentistry

In our office, we are happy to treat even the youngest patients. Well-groomed teeth in childhood and the development of good habits from the earliest years, bear fruit at a later age. We comprehensively deal with milk and solid teeth in children. We carry out inspections, cleaning, fluoridation, fillings, seal furrows, remove milk teeth and permanent teeth, if necessary.

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Nothing graces the face of a person more than a sincere, healthy smile. Beautiful, white teeth are something that are not bestowed by nature on everyone; however, thanks to modern technology in the hands of a good doctor, we can now perform miracles. This is why the ZILI clinic was created—a place where the fashion of charm and health never stop.

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